In adittion to 15 hours of English per week, students can choose from one of the following Sports and Activities. Students will receive 8 hours of professional teaching from experienced and qualified coaches. Sports and Activities can be changed each week!


Enjoy these 4 exciting activities each week in 80 acres of stunning woodland:

  • Archery – holding, loading, controlling and shooting a bow over a 10 metre distance
  • Canoeing – learning different strokes to control movement and speed on a lake
  • Climbing – become familiar with the equipment, safety rules and techniques on progressively harder climbs
  • Bushcraft  –   fire-making, wood carving and cooking on an open fire, plus other activities to build a greater appreciation of survival in the wild

Located just 10 minutes from the centre, these activities are taught by an organisation approved by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority.
Instructor to student ratio of 1:9.



Students learn a variety of football skills through expert coaching, games and tournaments, as well as have the opportunity to play against local British students. Our professional coaches are all Football Association (FA) Level 2 qualified, and experienced at training all levels of ability.
Programme focus will be chosen from the following: warm-ups, shooting practice , defending, dribbling skills, passing skills, attacking, free kick and corner practice. Coach to student ratio 1:16.



Students will learn a number of skills and techniques which can help develop their artistic and creative abilities. These can include drawing, painting, printing, illustration, sculpture, pottery, clay modelling and fine art. Students showcase their weekly achievements at an exhibition for the rest of the Academy students.
All teachers are qualified and experienced art teachers.Teacher to student ratio is 1:12



Students learn and practice a variety of skills and techniques, including serving, volleys, shots and etiquette on the court. Our professional coaches are all Lawn Tennis Association qualified. Level, 2, 3, 4 and 5 coaches are provided for the more advanced students. Coach to student ratio 1:4.



Students are tested for their ability on day one, and an appropriate horse or pony is chosen for them according to their level. The lessons include stable management, hacking, etiquette, jumping and gymkhana.
Our experienced professional instructors vary the focus of the lessons according to the ability of the students. Instructor to student ratio 1:6.



Students participate in a variety of fun sports and other mentally and physically challenging activities each week which can include swimming, football, basketball, and rounders, as well as team games, challenges and treasure hunts.
The Multi Activities programme is one of the most popular choices for students. Our experienced staff make the most of the fantastic campus sports facilities and grounds to ensure there is a packed programme each week of healthy and fun activities. Staff to student ratio 1:12


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